Emma's 9th birthday!!

Wow, I have a 9 year old! yikes......She is so big. She really gets prettier and prettier everyday! Her cute freckles, blue eyes, and she is getting so tall. She really is getting a little more responsible. haha....a little! I can see her thinking about things. It's pretty cool!

She got her ears pierced! Wow, that is big. She has been asking for a long time. Maybe since she was 5 or 6? I never really thought it would get here. She was a little scared. She thought the lady was piercing when she was just marking the place. She didn't even know what happened when she finally did the first one! Her mouth dropped wide open and she, ever so quietly, said, "ow". It was so cute. So, then she was a little scared to get the second one, but hung in there and has the most adorable little pink flowers in her ears! I always told her she had to be old enough to take care of them herself. She has been so good at it! She is always cleaning them and twisting them! I think it's going to work out! I guess this means earrings are on the list for Christmas!

We had her party at Scrap ETC. I think all the girls enjoyed it. They each got to make a mini album to take home and a bracelet. We had cupcakes and opened presents and then we went outside and screamed and ran around for a few minutes while we were waiting on Mom's to come back for pick up. It was lots of fun. I'm glad she likes hanging out at the store! We are probably going to be doing a lot of that in the next months!

We had a great time on Halloween. The Haunted trail was really fun. I can't believe how good it was. The kids really did a great job. Next year they should charge! They love it so much! Emma and I were ghosts that guided everyone through. I got a little spooked a couple of times! It was funny. The boys were all changing up their positions to scare us. Ms. Bobbie was hilarious! She was a waitress and had a little kitchen. She was rude and obnoxious and cracked everyone up! I think she was the best part. Not too scary, but had her part down!

Can't wait for next year!