Are you familiar with the Pop Artist named.....Madonna?

I am! Looky here..........

I hung out with her last night in the ATL. Well, you know, from section 117 in "the chairs"! That's what Jermal kept saying to us! He was so excited that we were in "the chairs"! His straight hair and headband were just a few of the things that we loved about him!
I was invited by one of my sweet friends to go to Atlanta and see Madonna in concert for "her" birthday! What could be better than that? Throw in a couple more friends and call it................. "A night to remember!"

I was a late invite.....doesn't bother me! I should thank Leah. I took her ticket! I do not mind being the back up friend, no sir! I didn't find out that I could go until late last week. I rearranged my Monday and Tuesday and got ready to play. (thanks B and Kristin!)

We left early on Monday. A little shopping was needed at Lenox. Bloomies, Neimans, California Pizza Kitchen. I had to remind Daphney that she has a Nieman Marcus card. Once I did, the shopping began! We couldn't run it up fast enough....jk. I needed to paint my toenails and found a great color at Chanel to buy....they were out. The girl at the counter said I could use it. So, I painted my toes at the Chanel counter! She didn't mind, at all! I do wish I could find that color.....Haute Chocolat. Sounds divine, doesn't it?
After Lenox, we get in the the find our hotel. The Ritz Carlton, did I mention we had a couple of hook-ups? Good rate at the Ritz. We found it....finally! Ran in got ready in marathon fashion....4 girls one hairdryer.......2 mirrors! Good fun. We got to the Phillips Arena a few minutes after 7:00, picked up our VIP passes and tickets, and went to hang out with the "cool people"! Let me tell you......THAT was a party to talk about!Needless to say, the concert was FABULOUS!!! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Thanks, Amy! Happy you!