This is Alabama Football!

We took John Connor to the Alabama game on Saturday! It was a pretty fun time for everyone. We stopped at Tony and Michael's house to tailgate. Susu, Grandaddy, Brandy, Katie and Cooper were all there. They brought chicken and ribs and lots of yummy stuff from Jim n Nick's. Cheese biscuits are the bomb! We brought some cupcakes and cookies. It was fun seeing Michael before the game. One of his fellow football player friends came over, Hampton. They were getting ready to walk over to the practice field to get on the buses to go to the stadium. They had a bite to eat and Susu drove them over. Shouldn't wear out those legs before the game even starts! The kids had fun playing outside. It was a gorgeous day!

We finally went over to the quad and guess who we ran into? Brittney in her Mayfield icecream tent! She was scooping up some icecream for all the HOT people! John Connor had 2 scoops! I guess it pays to know somebody! ha!! You should try that icecream. It's really good. It has fudge footballs in it. I think it's called Tide Rush? maybe?

So, we are walking around looking for tickets. We need 3 together. Not the easiest thing to find! Most people have 2 or 4. We did finally find some. whew! We thought they were on the 20 yard line! ha! We need to get a map of the seats so we know what we are buying. We were in the endzone by the student section! Really the seats weren't bad. We were sitting on row 54 with chairbacks. We thought we were GREAT. Then the season ticket holders show up and move us up 2 rows! Oh well, at least John Connor is little. He didn't take up too much room. It's fun to watch all the people around you. Some are obnoxious. There were 2 that were yelling at the refs and John Connor kept looking at them and then at, "do they not know that those guys on the field can't hear them?" funny. He finally had enough after the 3rd quarter. We got up and went to the bathroom and got some cotton candy. He did make it to the end. After the game, we got to go to the area where the football players come out to meet their families. That was fun to see them coming out of the locker room. They were signing autographs and eating Popeye's chicken. We went over to one of the camper lots and hung out with John Parker, Corey Reemer, Michael and a few other football players from Hoover. That was fun! They had Jubilee Joe's cater and the food was great! If you live in Hoover, you should go by and check it out. Poor guys didn't really get to eat. Lots of people wanting autographs and pictures.

I wore cowboy boots thinking it would be good for the feet. Usually, I would wear heels. My feet never did hurt, but, boy, were they HOT! I knew it would be a hot day. I wore a skirt.....and the boots. I looked really cute. Just ask me! I was glad when the sun went behind the stadium. I finally cooled off. I guess you learn something each time you go. John Connor will not be going back until next year and I won't wear cowboy boots unless it is going to be cooler!

Oh and Emma? She had a birthday party on Friday night and hung out with Maggie on Saturday! She did NOT want to go to a football game!