Rules to live by

I picked up a Skirt! magazine the other day. Have you seen this? It is a really fun read. It is visually stimulating and has some pretty interesting articles, too! The particular issue I have is the "Rules" issue, from September. It has lots of good rules to live by. As I am perusing the pages, I am thinking about these rules as they pertain to my life. Most of them, I already know. Then I realize, I have Emma, an 8-soon-to-be-9-year-old-in-24-days, who should be learning these "rules". So, I think I will make her a scrapbook with the "rules" in it! I'm sure there are a lot more rules than in this magazine. I be able to add to it as I go.

One very important one is Always as WhY! Gosh, how important is this? I was very shy growing up. (shut up! I know I'm not now!) So, I never asked WHY?. I was a very good listener so I figured out why.....eventually. Just think about how much faster I could've learned things! Just ask.

Another one is (hopefully, this will be a few years from now), but Play Hard to Get. Don't you think this applies to a lot of areas of your life? ....not just boys! Be confident and make them think they have to have YOU! Why is it so hard to figure that out. Self-confidence is something that I want my Emma to have. I want her to know that she is so perfect in every way. God made her and that in it's self is why she should know how wonderful she is. This may be the deepest post I have ever done? I almost feel now, that it is too much. (it's that shyness coming out!)

So, go pick up a Skirt! Mag and enjoy. I hope it brings you fun and laughter.

I am loving anything that celebrates Birmingham and Alabama. We have several magazines that are all about Birmingham! There are so many cool things here. We get stuck in our routines and miss out on a lot of them. I don't know how many of you saw our segment on Fox 6 or the one on ABC 33/40...Talk of Alabama. I love that they cover local stories! There are so many things to do here and I hope we all learn how to enjoy them. I guess I'm one to talk. Always heading down to Destin every chance I get. Hmmm...maybe I'll stay weekend!