October.....is it almost over?

October is always so busy! There is always the leaves changing, pumpkin patches, football, halloween, haunted trails, and planning Emma's birthday!!!

I can't believe Halloween is Friday! I have to go get a ghost costume for the haunted trail. My neighbors have been planning a haunted trail......in my backyard! So fun.. I haven't done anything to help. I think it starts in their garage and goes through our trail. It is going to be so cool. The kids can't stop talking about it. John Connor said tonight that Friday was going to be his best day ever! He's so funny!

Emma's birthday is Saturday. We are having a scrapbooking birthday party at the store, of course! It is going to be so cute. I have been working on a little scrapbook for them to make and we've made some buttons....our own flair! She will be 9! How do I have a 9 year old? I tear up everytime I look at pictures of her when she was little.

We were at my Mom's in Tennesse this weekend and our cousin was there. She is 11 months old and looks so much like Emma did at that age. I just wanted to keep her! They wouldn't let me. how did I not get a pic of her? You can take a peek at her. We love going to Tennessee in the Fall. The leaves were just turning and it the weather was fabulous! We celebrated Emma's birthday. She got lots of money......she wants to save for an ipod. Mimi gave her clothes, the perfect gift for a 9year old!

We were only in Tennessee for a short time, but we packed it in. We got to eat at Memories, Ruru's restaurant. She and Uncle Bill cook a fabulous breakfast buffet on Saturday mornings. She always has a really cute saying on her marquee out front. Of course, she welcomed us.....but had to support her team! Connor and I went to the AL vs. TN game. We went with my brother and sis-n-law, Charlie and Dana. We got to hang out with some friends from B'ham. Got seats in the AL section.....at the TOP of the stadium! Rammer Jammer!

I went with John Connor's class to the pumpkin patch, also known as, Baker Farm. Lots of fun with first graders! We got to pet lots of animals, hay maze, cotton picking, a hay ride, lunch in the barn and picking a pumpkin from the patch! It was a beautiful day. The kids all had on an orange tie-dyed shirt and we stamped jack-o-lantern faces on them! too cute. I love getting to go on field trips! They seem to be cutting them out, though. I feel bad for the kids. They LOVE them!

man, one more thing! John Connor has been playing fall ball......fall baseball. It is low key and fun for the kids to play and get ready for Spring......when it gets serious!! We had the end of the season party after the last game. The boys played at the park, ate cupcakes and most importantly, got TROPHIES! It's amazing what a trophy can do for a kid. They love those tacky things!

Have a fantastic Halloween and be safe! Come over for the haunted trail if you dare! BTW, there will be a karoake machine......enticing, huh?