Fall Fundraiser

Wow, we had the best fundraiser at school this past week! A group of guys comes to the school and rallies all the kids to raise money. The kids are going to have a fun run and raise an amount of money per lap that they run. So, every afternoon the kids come home and want to call every family member we have to ask for a dollar for each lap they run. We got them to $10 each! The funny thing is, we think Emma will run around 30 laps and John Connor will run....uh, maybe 20! The average is 25 laps. So, everyone is getting prizes each day at school and it keeps them calling each night! One little boy in John Connor's class raised enough money to win the grand prize.....an Ipod! Wow! That was a lot of money! The parents all agree that this is so much better than buying wrapping paper!

So, on Thursday is the big RUN. The kids are so excited! I get there at 8:30 for Emma's run and they are playing the National Anthem. After that, they play the Rocky song. I'm talking pump you up music! There are 2 tracks 1/16th of a mile and the 2nd graders are on one and the 3rd graders on the other. The kids take off and are smiling the whole time! They play different songs and the kids might fly like an airplane or gallop like a horse around the track. They are sweating and running and some are walking! Emma is taking her time and hanging out with her friends. They are all smiling and hugging. It's so cute! There is a victory lap for the parents to walk with the kids. Emma made it around 34 times! WHOA! Awesome!

At 10:00 John Connor comes out. His class is first. Ms. Bishop is like fundraising champion. She loves a good fundraiser! She does the Relay For Life for OMES and always finishes great. There are tunnels for the kids to run through as they go to their tracks. Susu and Cooper are there to see John Connor come through. He was so proud to see them! The 1st graders take off like they are in a race and I'm not sure if they will make it around very many times. Some are crying after 2 laps! Yikes! John Connor is doing his thing. Most of you are thinking, just taking his time. Mr. Laid Back personality, right? Wrong! He is flying! He takes one water break and keeps going! I had asked him what his goal was before he started and he decided 33 would be fine. After he got to 33.....he stopped. He was finished! I told him he could keep going. He still had plenty of time to run. So, he took off. I guess he ended up with around 40 laps. It was crazy! I was so proud of him. I think he may have a little competitiveness in him afterall!

It was such a fun day. I love seeing all the kids in the class and the teachers. They are all so good with the kids. We are so lucky to have such a great school. Now, we've got to collect all that money! I'll let you know how much the school gets. It's supposed to be one of the most successful fundraisers. We'll see!