Packing my bags.....

Ok, it's over. I am heading home in the morning. Well, at home it is morning.....1:16am in the morning to be exact! I need to hit the sack. I have my bags packed except for what I will need at 5:00am to get in the shower! I have so much to share with you when I get back! Fabulous projects and lots of new techniques.......Janet Hopkin's class was really AWESOME! I got to play with a book that is coming out CHA Winter 2009! woo hoo! I will have it at the store for you all to drool over.

Ok, Tim Holtz.........WOW!!! I am in love. All the hype you's all true. He is such a great teacher. This was a super fun class and of course, I begged him to come to the Scrap ETC event........I've got to email him! I will, I promise! I can't wait to get back to the store and play with some grungeboard. I think I need to place an order with Tim Holtz Ideology and Ranger......crackle shapes (Heidi Swapp)..........collage with ephemera.......I LOVE this man! I've already told Connor all about him. He's only a little jealous! hehe! So, you might want to catch me at the store sometime this week while I'm still on a high from hanging out with all these scrapbooking celebrities. I have soo much to share with you!
Jenni's class was today and I got to use glass glitter....YUMMY! I want everything to be covered in glass glitter. It is so pretty and sparkly! She told me that Tim is coming to Nashville for CKU, (i think?), and they are going Antiqueing........I told her to call me....I want to go! Hey, I just realized I am totally name dropping! You can be jealous.......go ahead.....if you don't think you are.....don't kid yourself.......these are cool people and just ask me.....I know!

Another really cool person that you may not have heard of before my last post.....Her birthday was on Thursday and she is a fabulous girl! She and her mom come to Creative Escape with my little adopted family each year. They are 2 of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. Cappi, Jenny's mom, is truly the most giving and considerate person I have ever met. Jenny celebrated her birthday on Thursday. So, each year CE gives away 2 spots to next year's event. Well, last year we are sitting at our table near the back. We had one girl that was by herself sitting with us. Her friend was supposed to come, but broke her back and couldn't come! It was horrible! So, all of the waiters come in with little chinese takeout boxes....with a fortune cookie in cute, right? We all are waiting anxiously to open them and the "head waiter" comes up to our table and tells us to take the takeout boxes he has....well, as you know, we already have one. He insists that we take HIS boxes. So, we trade with him thinking, "that was weird!". Finally, they tell us to open the boxes and sure enough.....The girl sitting at our table WON! We were so fired up! How cool that he picked our table to switch out the boxes...he knew he had "THE BOX"! So, ok, back to this year.......We always eat dessert first at CE. They are bringing out the dessert and there is a treasure box on our plates with a key! We all know what that means, right? Someone is going to win tickets to next years event! So, we are all waiting for everyone to get theirs.....they tell us that the one that is the winner will have 5 real $1 coins in it....the others will have plastic coins.......we hear Jenny shake hers and what do you know? There are 5 real $1 coins in her treasure box! OMG, we freaked out! We were sitting at the winning table....AGAIN!!!! and it was one of our friends! We were so excited for her! She truly deserves it. I'm so glad she won...even if she doesn't invite me as her date for next year! love ya, jenny!
Another cool moment..........
Creative Escape was giving away 2 tickets for a scrapbooking cruise to raise money for the American Cancer, Tim decides he will auction off his really cool shirt that has creative escape 08 and a flourish ( a really cool shirt). So, he gets up on stage and the first bid is for $500! Yes, $500....we couldn't believe it. Someone bid like $600 and the other lady went to $1000 or something crazy. We thought she pretty much won........someone else bid whatever and then the same lady bid $1500, then she went to $2000, we were thinking, WOW this is awesome! Everyone was standing up watching. We were amazed that they were bidding so high for a shirt! Well, we were sure she had won and then......out of the blue......a lady WAAAAAY in the back yells something........everyone was straining to hear.......she bid......are you ready? $6000.....yes, I am serious!!! You could not believe the electricity that was in that room! Mr. Bazzill's mom had fought cancer this past year and the event photographer, too! It was so incredible!
This night was FULL of excitement! I don't know if I will ever be able to wind down. It's been an hour since I started this post..........I hope those pics load soon.

Have a great Sunday and I'll see you at the store next week!