It's HOT out here!

Wow, it's like 106 degrees everyday! That is HOT! There isn't even a breeze.......I miss the humidity of Alabama......really? Not really, but I do miss 95 degrees!

Creative Escape is super fun. There are some really fun teachers. I have had a great time seeing all the people who were at the Scrap ETC event. Jenni Bowlin is truly adorable. Heidi brought some really fun things from the markets in China for the event. I would love to have all those places at my disposal! Think of the goodies we could add to the Scripts kits!

I have had so much fun with my friends that adopted me last year. Jenni, Chardee, Janet, Cappie, Carol all came back this year and brought another friend from Yuma, Holly. I came by myself and they picked me up right away. As soon as I saw them this year, it was like we hadn't missed a beat! These pics are of Cappie, Janet and Jenni. I'll try to get a pic of the group. They are all so sweet! Maybe they'll make it to our event in the Spring. I'm really talking it up and telling them how fabulous it will be! I hope they come.......(please stalkers?) hehe they told me they read my blog.....well, Chardee does!
Jenni's birthday was yesterday, so we went to PF Chang's for dinner. We started scrapbooking this morning and haven't stopped! I am sooooo tired! The time change is messing with me for some reason. I can't get to bed early enough and then wake up Alabama time!