Guess where I am going?

Creative Escape in Phoenix, AZ! I leave tomorrow! It has completely snuck up on me. I have nothing clothes packed.......nothing to read on the plane. I am in trouble!

This is an event put on by Heidi Swapp and Bazzill. I CAN NOT wait! It is going to be so much fun! Tim Holtz, Jenni Bowlin, Janet Hopkins, Laura Stamas, Kollette Hall, Kellee Goree and Heidi Swapp.....of course! How jealous are you? Well, if you aren't a may not be jealous at all. You may be thinking why in the world would she travel across the country to scrapbook? Well, it is a fabulous time at a fabulous resort and I do have friends that will be there that are fabulous! So, there......

Here is a little pic of the temporary sign at the
store. We are a little hard to find in the corner. This cute sign makes it easy!!

Yes, we were at the beach again last weekend! Look who was there! Nanny and Nicole! We had so much fun with them. Emma built a sandcastle with a little help from everyone. John Connor had the privilege of knocking it down. Lucky kid. Nothing makes him happier! The picture of the fountain is from Friday night. We went to Cantina Laredo and met Ashlee, Brad, Missy, Neil and all the kiddos. We had yummy margaritas! and delicious guacamole! The kids just played in the fountains while we got to visit with the adults. Love entertainment for the kids!!

Gusav didn't scare us....not one bit. We were up early on Saturday morning playing tennis. It was HOT! We ran to the grocery store and got stuff for sandwiches and snacks and drinks on the beach. We were out in the sand by 12:00. We found a spot and stayed there most of the day! We went to the pool for an hour or so. The kids had friends there, so that was fun for them. The beach was packed. We had plans to watch the Bama game. The kids went with Nanny and Nicole. Connor and I went to Beef O' Brady's to watch the game. We had a huge table and lots of friends sat with us! Kirsten and her gang came by. They were on a girls trip! They were so funny! Sunday eVeryOne left! It was crazy. They all got out of town before the hurricane got there. All the cabana boys were working hard to get all the umbrellas off the beach. They were on tractors and pushing sand around to save the Tiki huts! These are the couple of pics we took on the beach on Monday morning. It was around 11:00am. The wind was rough. You can see the flags flying and Emma's hair!! The kids were playing on the mound of sand. That is what the Cabana boys did to save the Tiki Hut........doesn't look like much....I guess it worked! ha!
Hopefully, I can post from AZ.....I'll keep you updated on all the fun I'm having!