I told you i would be busy!

Just a little rundown of what's been goin' on!

We jetted to the beach before school started.....just one more trip, right? I love that place. I know I talk about it ALL the time, but I do love it. Everything about it. My cozy little house sitting on the little lake with the fountain, the sand, the ocean, the golf cart that we ride everywhere, Baytowne Village - a great place for kids, families and night life! I get there and I don't want to leave......ever! One of these days, I'm going to talk Connor into moving there. One of these days......

Happenings are school started, the kids love it....of course. Emma has a really cute teacher, Maggie Russell. She is 6ft tall and loves giraffes! how fun is that? John Connor has Brie Bishop, Emma's first grade teacher!! We love Ms. Bishop. Emma had her for her first year out of Auburn and we just feel like she is a part of our family. She is an amazing person. I hope John Connor doesn't drive her crazy with all of his funny business.

I moved Scrap ETC. That was fun! We have a huge space now and on our grand opening day......we had a line outside ready to come in! It was sooo fun! We had free classes by Virginia and Katie. We had a free make n take by Virginia, too. Those girls RocK! Gretchen introduced the new Design Team. They are so cute and eager! I love it! I am so proud of all of them, Lisa, Carol, Pat, Adrienne, Amy, Amy, Elizabeth, Mandy, and Nubia. They are going to do a Fantabulous job....I know it!

We also launched our Holiday event.....Wrapper's Delight.....This is going to be 2 days of christmas crafty goodness. We will have 6 teachers and they will show you the greatest gift ideas as well as holiday cards, wrapping ideas.....you have to come! It is geared toward all crafters, not just scrapbookers. Check out the blog and if you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on that blog. I would love for all of you to be there! We will have a christmas party and get everyone in the mood for the holidays! BTW it's Nov. 6th and 7th here in Birmingham.

Ok, then I went back to the beach last weekend. What? Super fabulous girls trip! YahOOOOO! We had too much fun. 5 girls and 3 of them are absolutely hilarious. I can not tell you how funny Suzanne is.....she should be a stand up comedian. Karen and Daphney had their share of funny stuff, but Suzanne will win the prize eVerytiMe! Ashlee came and hung out with us, too. I love that girl. She is so sweet and so thoughtful. She started her new PE job this week! I am so proud of her. She is going to be a great teacher. Things just work out just like they are supposed to! Daphney and I couldn't make ourselves come home. It was REALLY hard. We were not going to go out to the beach and then the other girls wanted to go shopping, so we went out for an hour or so. Well, that hour turned into 4! oopsy, didn't get home until 9:30. love ya babe! Connor didn't think that was a good idea...........it's ok, he's over it now.

We had a ribbon cutting this week at the store. Wow, that was so fun! The Hoover Chamber of Commerce came and we had a ribbon cutting ceremony! I love it! We had a few freebies for the customers and had lunch for all the VIPs that came. Then Fox6 news came and did a segment on us.......how cool are we? It hasn't aired, yet. Hopefully, in the next week. They think it will air like 4 or 5 times......yippee!

Everything is falling into place, I think.......cross your fingers.

Someone is coming to look at my house for the second time.....keep those fingers crossed! and pray that I don't cry...it's all for the best. I know that. Just hard to give up my dream house!

Where are the pictures? I will try and add them later....but don't hold your breath!