to market......

Ooooh, I got to go to Gift Market in Atlanta this week. I love that place! I can't believe how many people have booths there. I was only there on Friday. We only saw 1/4 of it. There were a lot of really cute things. We found a new reindeer ornament that is made of clay and painted and fired. I don't have a pic nor do I remember the name of the company. Good info, huh? You can find them at The Spotted Zebra in November. You know, that really cool store in Trussville? If not, you should go there. They have the cUtest stuff. It's my sisters' store and they have great taste!

One of my favorite booths to go to is O'Brien and Schridde Designs. They have handmade picture frames. They are all made of wood and painted and distressed. They just came out with a new line of frames that are art board covered in wallpaper. Gorgeous!!!We also bought some of these for the store.....Cute, cute bags. Lots of bright colors and shiny!!
Well, we didn't buy this exact one......I didn't have the password to get into the get the idea.....aren't they are gorgeous?

Ok, how cute are these PJ's? Some of the stores in the Apparel Mart have sample sales........translation......great prices! I got 2 pair of these pjs for $37.00 and they retail for like $80 each! Rock on....They are PJ Salvage. They don't carry them at The Spotted Zebra, but you can find them here. I'm telling you they are so soft and comfy. You will never want to take them off.
This little bag is called the Pocket-Rocket.....OMG.......what a cute name!!! It is a big bag with all these pockets around the outside! LOVE THAT! The store has them, but they came out with new styles for the fall. There is one that looks like a basket weave. It is SO cute.
Hinge Towels..............I can't even tell you how cUte these are.......They have bath towels, hand towels, shower curtains, and bath mats. The font is so cute and all the fabrics are great!!! The store has some of these in stock, now. Oh, and they have beach towels! Love it!
One of our fave stops is Round Top Collection. We wrote the order for this in January. We had to stand in line to place the order for 2 hours! Ah, it's so worth it. I love this stuff. I have so much of it.....mostly Christmas. There will be a ton of it in the store very, very soon!ok, so if you haven't been to The Spotted Zebra......go NOW! Well, unless it's Sunday. They aren't open on Sundays. They have a ton of cute stuff there. A little birdy told me they are planning on having a BIG sale very, very soon. I will post when I find out! I guess next week you will see all of the scrapbook goodness I find! Whoa.....busy, busy times!