I am in Chicago!

Flew up this morning. What an early morning! I am about to fall asleep here at the computer. Brittney and Gretchen are gone....not snoring yet, soon I'm sure! We are having a blast. It is really fun to see all the new stuff coming out. It is so hard to resist! How cute are these? Don't you want to be a scrapbooker, too? I just love the polka dots!
I wanted to post this picture of my kids and their Great-Grandfather, Papa. We went to dinner at his and Momba's house on Tuesday and it was so fun. We don't get to visit with them often enough. The kids did spend the night there last Thursday and going back this week was lots of fun. Papa has this awesome train table with a train set up all the time. It is really fabulous. I will have to find a picture of it. He has this gator that he drives around the house and the kids LOVE to ride it with him. I got this cute picture of all of them. We were trying to get everyone to smile and look at the camera. Not so easy, especially with the 2 year old. This one turned out pretty cute. We had so much fun visiting with the family. Aunt Inez was there. She was telling us stories about when she was a buyer for Black's dept. store back in the 1940's. How cool is that? I think she is really a neat person. Very glamorous......for a 93 year old!