In need of a good challenge

Everywhere I look, I see challenges. Note: this is on the scrapbooking front. There are plenty of challenges in other areas, not the same application.

So, I want to start doing these challenges. Well, as the owner of a scrapbooking company, shouldn't I be the one tossing out the challenges? I believe in "the more you do something, the better you will get". So, with that in mind, I will take on a few different challenges and hope that it sparks me into coming up with my own.

The first challenge I am going to work on this week is Amy's photography challenge. I posted this picture from the beach.......but, I need to do this more often. Therefore, working on this challenge.....

I need another challenge in the actual scrapbooking related realm. You know, a layout or something. So, if you have one.......challenge me.......I will take your challenge and raise you one!

The beach was great this weekend. Very, very crowded. The water was awesome. The waves were perfect for the kids to play in. Not too when we left it was like a lake. No waves. Emma and I walked out pretty far to the sandbar looking for sand dollars, but we didn't find any. Someone said they saw a baby shark and that was enough for me. We headed for the shore! I never saw anything, but I didn't want to take a chance! I took this great picture of my kids with Connor yesterday. There were huge dark clouds coming in and everyone started packing up. We stayed to wait it out. It sprinkled a little, but it was gorgeous light. The sand and ocean are great reflectors! Look at those baby blues on Connor and Emma! Aren't they gorgeous? Not to mention John Connor's......his have so many colors in them, it's hard to say exactly what color they are. Surfer kiddos..