I have the best MIL and SIL!

They took my kids to the beach last Wednesday for the rest of the week! How awesome is that? She called on Tuesday and asked if they could go. The only problem with it is that I couldn't go too! I really really wanted to. Too much going on. I couldn't.

Man, why did I go and buy this store? I could be spending my whole summer down there! Oh, well. Scrap ETC has been tons of fun. I do love it! A lot! There is so much to learn and so much that I want to do with this company!

So, back to my kids being gone for the week. They had a blast! Emma called every day with lots of stories to tell. They love the pool. Not so much the beach, like me. There was a lady from New York there and she named them all different names. She was REALLY loud and would get the whole pools attention! She named Emma...........SupahStah and John Connor..............Johnnie Unitas Skipper! How funny is that? They were very entertained by her.

There cousins, Katie and Cooper, went with them. Katie is 5 and Cooper is 2. Emma was Cooper's keeper. She loves to take care of babies! I remember doing the same thing to my cousin, Rusty, when he was a baby. The little ones aren't too fond of it. They would rather be running around.....not carried and taken care of! I think they had so much fun just being together. They don't get to just hang out with them very much. They have lots of cousins and if we are at family functions.......everyone is there and it's not as cozy! I think they got lots of cozy time! They were going to come home today, but decided against it. I think they are crazy! If I didn't have to be home......I wouldn't ever come home..........but, I think we've established that.

John Mayer in concert......August 29th! Tickets go on sale Saturday! I can't wait! I was never a huge John Mayer fan until I went to his concert last year. I'm not a big fan of going to concerts, either. This man can play the guitar like no other. I was mesmerized. Obviously, you know this. His music is playing on here. Lots of it. Have you read his blog? He's kinda funny, too! Jennifer Anniston.......move over!!

You know how my kids were gone for 5 days? They both grew so much. Isn't that amazing when you can SEE changes in them? I love it! Oh, and they both got haircuts! Love that Susu likes to do that. John Connor's looks better than it ever has. I will have to start taking him to her to get a haircut! no more HeadStart.

Blogger is doing something crazy and I'm really worried this won't post. Hopefully, I can save it.
Ok.....off to VBS! and pilates! YES......summer is here!