Hot, Hot, Hot.........

and I'm not talking about my husband........even though, wow, look at him! He is hot, isn't he?

Did you do anything outside this weekend? Wow, was it hot or what? Connor and I played in the Rick and Bubba Summer Slam Tennis Tournament this weekend. It was so HOT! I played on Friday at 3:30 in the afternoon and got beat. I was really glad I got a few games off her, she was good! Connor and I played mixed doubles at 6:00.........still very hot! We won! It was worth the heat! I had so much fun playing with him. We had never done that in a real match. Only playing against friends and that was only, like, once! We were pretty proud of ourselves!
Since I lost, I had to play another match in the consolation round. Meaning, the loser's bracket! I was just glad I got to play again. I met my opponent at 8:00am on Saturday and yes, it was so HOT! How could it be that hot that early? I don't know, but I took my time and WON! Yes, I was so happy. So, I get to play in the championship round of the loser's bracket! hehe Connor and I played again at 3:30 on Saturday and guess who we played? The girl that beat me in my first match! OH no! I didn't want to play her........again! But we did and we tried, but came up short. We lost. I asked her to take our pic.......thanks, Toshiba! This might be the last time we play together. Who knows!

The kids got to hang out with Aunt Kathi and Anna Marie and Abby. They had so much fun. They read books and went on nature walks and fed the goats! Such fun adventures these kids have! They spent the night on Saturday night and got to go to Aunt Kathi's church. They love it there! Bible School is the week of June 21st.......It is so much fun. They went last year and can't wait to go back this year.

This afternoon the girls, Maggie and Emma, were hanging out and I couldn't help but notice those gorgeous freckles of Emma's and thought I need an updated picture of them! They are so much more prominent in the Summer! So, we went outside and took a few pictures. They were sharing an icecream. Lucky girls.......they will probably be inseparable for the rest of the summer!