We Won!

John Connor sliding into home plate!
Oh my..........this is going to be interesting. John Connor's team had their first taste of real competition yesterday. We were playing the first round of the tournament and we have never kept up with the score. Well, yesterday we did! It was really exciting. All the Mom's were cheering and the Dad's are all on the field helping coach, so they were ALL telling the kids what to do.
What's funny is, we are all ready for baseball season to be over. It became a whole different animal with scorekeeping. There was one inning where we were batting and we had runners on 1st and 2nd. We hit a line drive that didn't bounce before it hit the shortstops glove, 1 out. Then the runner on 1st ran to 2nd and the runner on 2nd ran to 3rd. With all the confusion, the runner on 2nd ended up running back to 2nd from 3rd and the runner from 1st ran all the way to 3rd, passing the other runner running back! It was HILaRiouS! We were all just shaking our heads thinking this is it, we're going to lose. That's when the competitor in all of us kicked in. We will win this game. We were telling them to run as fast as a race car and they would! The other team has very good hitters, but so do we. So, it's really a matter of how many you get out. We all get to bat and we don't count the outs, but if they don't get to home plate that's one less run. We were winning by one at the end of the 3rd inning. We were all cheering, thinking we had won! The umpire said we had 1 minute left in our time and had to play another inning. What? That's crazy talk. We won and we are ready to go. He wouldn't allow it. So, we played another inning. We were up to bat first. We got 6 runs, so we are up by 7. There are 10 players and we needed to get 3 outs to win. They only had 2 batters left and we still needed one out. If both of their runners made it home, we lose. If one gets home it's a tie..........and who knows what would happen then. So, we needed to get both of them out. We did. A double play! It was AWESOME! We were jumping and cheering and then all the Mom's looked at each other...................what in the world? We have to play again on Tuesday. Oh well, it really was fun to get a taste of what it will be like next year. They will all be on the pitching machine and keeping score and only getting 3 outs and all that REAL stuff! I'm sure we will love every minute of it. Ball park people, that's what we call them. LOL

My Dad came to the game and he wanted to take the kids with him for the day. Who am I to argue? We went by the house, packed their clothes, and off they went! Connor and I loaded up the cooler with a picnic and went to the lake. I had to drive the boat to the dock. I'm not good at that! I did it and didn't break anything..........so all is good!

The Waters at Lake Mitchell is going to be beautiful! There is one lot that has a creek running through it and a water fall that goes into the lake. WOW! I was ready to move. It is fabulous. There are a lot of flat lots, too. That's so nice...................coming from Smith where a lot of houses are hanging off of a cliff! I guess we will be hanging out there this weekend. Lots going on down there. Should be tons of fun. I wish I had taken my camera. I would show you a picture. I will take it next weekend and post a pic or two. Until next time........