I have been trying to be productive this week. I can't believe school is out today! Wow, this year is flying by. I guess that's what happens when you take on more than you are used to. We did end of year parties yesterday. They were lots of fun. John Connor's was a luau. We had a sand cake. I know you have heard of dirt cake, right? This is very similar, but you use vanilla pudding and coolwhip, then add vanilla wafers crushed on top! How delightful! It was delicious, too. Cyndi, the other room mom, made it. I was so impressed. She added fish gummies to the top. How cute would that be in mini sand buckets? Let's have a beach party! Of course, I am into anything that has to do with the my brain is ticking about having a beach party at the store or maybe a crop? That would be fun, we could do layouts and mini albums and your goody bag could be a sandbucket full of scrapbooking goodness......we could have umbrella drinks and sand cake!

Ok, back to is out. This means summer is here and we need to play! I hope tomorrow is a rest day. Hanging out at home and then going to the lake on Saturday and Sunday. I am working on Monday at the store. Wow, we are going to have some fun on that day. I am going to be giving away all kinds of goodies! Next week we will find some fun things to entertain the kids and then we have VBS. I love VBS. The kids love VBS. What's not to love about VBS? I may sign them up for Farm camp the next week and then they will do Art Camp the next! I love camps, too. Can you tell? It just keeps them busy and they don't get bored and lay around watching Spongebob all day. We are having fun girl camps at the store the next week. So, lots of scrapbooking for Emma. Not sure, yet what John Connor will do. Mom, are you needing a John Connor fix that week? So, there is June, in a nutshell. Hopefully, July will be a little beach time and then.........Back To School.......I know, it sounds too quick. I think it is. They didn't ask me, though.