Big plans for the weekend

We don't have ANY! Can you believe it? I love to go and go and go. It doesn't feel right not to have somewhere to go! John Connor has a game tomorrow morning at 9:00am. They are in a tournament. It will be fun. I guess it's getting us ready for next year when we will have to keep score! Now, they just hit the ball and run! Everyone gets to hit and then we have a snack! Ha, it's a little more detailed than that.........but not much!

We made some plans, of course! Connor is having a huge lake lot sale at Lake Mitchell Memorial Day weekend and the weekend after. So, we are going to take the boat and head down there after John Connor's game. I guess we will take a picnic! It will be just like old times! We used to do that always. It's so fun, too. We hang out on the boat and find a place for the kids to jump in and swim. They love it. Oooh, I just thought about lifejackets! I wonder if we have their size in the boat? I need to check that. I have never been to Lake Mitchell. I've heard it is gorgeous. We always go to Smith Lake, where you can see your toes........the water is so clear! I love that. I like to be able to see in the water. Murky water is scary! Hee hee. It will be a fun day. I think it's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow.

So, do you have any big plans? School is out next week and then it's SUMMER VACATION! I don't know if I'm ready for that! I need to sign my kids up for VBS and Zoo Camp. We are planning a Scrapbooking Camp at the store for girls age 8-12. That will be lots of fun! Ok, off to make some phone calls!