November 16, 2015 | Montgomery

Monday mornings are usually the day I get my week together. You all know by now, I left my planner and computer at my Mom's last Thursday. I swear, it's like I couldn't do anything without those two in my hands. 

Instead of hanging out at my kitchen table and enjoying my coffee while planning the week, I jumped in the car and drove to Montgomery. It's a little over an hour south of Birmingham. I met Heather from Welle Studio at the local news station to do a little segment on WSFA about Festiwelle coming up on Thursday. This event is going to be SO FUN! I will be the emcee and it's going to be a day of pampering and festivities!! I went by the store and dropped off some jewelry for them to sell and use in the show and got an idea of how the layout would be on Thursday. I get my makeup and hair done, go to a radio show, pick out a fabulous outfit and get to talk about fashion, gift ideas and the holidays! Can you think of anything more fun? I can't! 

After I left Welle Studio, I headed downtown to the Southern Makers Pop up Shop. Again, a super cool event going on in Montgomery! This is right downtown and Cotton and Pine, Southern Makers and Kress on Dexter have come together to create a small venue to show what kind of shopping is to be expected in the Kress building when it's renovated. They have pulled together several Southern Makers from past events and it's going to be your one stop shop for Holiday Gift buying in downtown Montgomery. I seriously may buy all of my Christmas gifts Thursday and Friday!! Isn't this graphic to-die-for? 

After racing home to pick up Emma and Madison from school, I found a box on the front porch with, you guessed it, my laptop and planner! Ahhhhhhhh, life is so good! I found a snack because I was starving! I sat down and just wrote out all the things. I felt so much better. I also have been changing out pictures on my website. Trying to plan for the week and at the same time for 2016. Wow, it's exhausting sometimes. I enjoy it, though. I'm looking forward to being at home all morning tomorrow. 

I got a text with this picture from Sonoma, California. It's on one of the curbs in Sonoma Square. I love it and I love the fact that she shared it with my because she knew I would love it. Thanks, Jennye! xo I hope I'm always looking for it and always finding it! 

You can watch the Alabama Live segment here!