November 24, 2015 | Friendsgiving

What a long day! We had lots of orders to be filled with the FREE SHIPPING code that is going on all week for Thanksgiving! If you are shopping from your sofa on Thursday, or all the way through the weekend, you get free shipping at! I'm  heading to my Mom's tomorrow and we will be chilling with family all weekend, so the orders will go out on Monday…..or Tuesday!

Sometimes I have to break from the routine. We sell so many more Lucy's Inspired prism necklaces and vintage hardware cuffs than we do one of a kinds. Ashlee helped me out for so long, I got to where I didn't make many. She made them all! She got a full-time and we are LOW! So, I pulled out the bling and the cool hardware pieces and started playing late last night. This is a little snap shot of what I came up with. I love color and I love texture! I don't wear a lot of bling, but I love the way it looks on these pieces!!

The kids are out of school this week and I enlisted a couple of Emma's friends to work for me. Taryn helped out with the shipping and when Sophie got there, they stamped and wrapped prisms and even made a few Lucy's Inspired vintage keyhole necklaces! They were such a big help! We got so much done! I love productive days! 

Tonight was Friendsgiving at Molly's house, aka The Pantry. She is an amazing cook and we all flock to her house when she says she wants to cook dinner for us! She seriously needs to start doing menus for people. My favorites were the brussel sprouts and the wild rice salad. 

The wine was flowing and the selfies were snapping and we were FULL! Full from all the friendships, love and support of each other. It's so nice to know you are surrounded by friends who love you for who you are. I'm thankful for each person in this picture.