November 11, 2015 | Veteran's Day

I can't believe it's almost the middle of November, 2015. Emma is 16. She is driving and acting all grown up. She has a debit card and is off every afternoon taking friends for ice cream or McDonald's or bowling! I'm not sure what will happen when that birthday money is gone, but she talks about finding a job every day! She's such a creative entrepreneur. I don't know where she get's that from. I guess we teach our kids things and don't even realize it. She's been working on hand lettering and she's wanting to play around with water colors. I've encouraged her to make note cards and Christmas cards to sell. She's pretty hard on herself and wants it to be perfect. I think they are perfect, but what do I know. I'm the mom. ;) Here's a peak of what I found in her room today! She's pretty good, huh?



Today is Veteran's Day. Everyone has been posting pics of Veteran's that we love. I love seeing all the old pictures of dad's and granddad's in their uniforms. I posted this of my dad in the Navy and I love this one of my Papa from when he was in the Navy. Aren't they so handsome?


I participated in a campaign with GMC to bring more awareness and raise money for Veteran's who were injured during battle. They come home to their homes that don't accommodate their injuries. You can look at #enlistme to find out more about it or to donate go to


After packing up for two trunk shows, I jumped in the car and drove to Tennessee. I'm in Loudon at my Mom's house tonight and will be dropping off jewelry at Back Porch Mercantile in Knoxville tomorrow before I head back to Loudon for a Trunk Show at the Mulberry House! I love coming to here. My Mom goes as much as I do and she's been working on some renovations to her 1890's home. She knocked down a wall and opened up a window from her kitchen to the living room. It looks GREAT! I guess having a daughter on HGTV inspires you to renovate! It is going to look so good when she finishes. I'll snap a few pics for you to see tomorrow. 

I got inspired today reading through a friends blog. I didn't even know she had a blog until today. She writes something good about each day. I love it. I'm so motivated to do that. We will see how long it sticks. You might want to check this girl out, though. I think she's going to be in our living rooms pretty soon and from what I can tell……..we are all going to love her and her hubby, Ben! ;)