December 4, 2015 | How to Hang a Piano

That's a little deceiving. I don't know how to hang a piano on the wall. Good lord, can you imagine doing that? I'm sure it's done somewhere and it's fabulous! But, not at moon glow lake. 

I was on the local radio station this morning, WDJC, with Roxanne and Chris. Gah, we laughed! Roxanne and I tend to go overboard when it comes to decorating for Christmas and Chris, well, Chris just didn't understand. We tried to talk about how to make decorating your house simple. Chris seems to think matching ornaments and wrapping paper are not important. But, just think, if you have a color theme, it's easy!! Just buy all matching things and you're done! No decorating style needed!! I did want to come home and find something to show you how easy it is to add a little merry to your home in the easiest way. I grabbed a piece of a branch from my Christmas tree and popped a ribbon on top and added it to this piano hanging on my wall. See? Easy!!

So, this is how I hung this one. i actually found it at Ashlee's house last year. She told John Connor she would pay him to carry it to the dump. We carried it to the dump, alright! It went straight to Hansel and Gretel and hung on the wall there, until we moved here and it was the first thing I hung on these walls! 

It's super heavy!! Make sure you have extra long nails and you have to find studs!! The frame has holes in it, so it was easy to know where to put the nails. Btw, this one is only hung with nails on one side. It's important to nail all the way down, so that it doesn't move. If it moves, it will tear your wall down!! 

Connor and I ran up to Nashville for a Christmas party tonight. I loved getting to see Nancy, Meryll and Dana and meeting some of their friends! Such a fun group. We are going to go to Leiper's Fork tomorrow. I can't wait to show Connor how cute that little town is!!

Seven Weeks Away From Everything

Be brave enough to travel the unknown path, learn what you are capable of. -Rachel Wolkin

I fell off the face of the earth. On February 5, I left Birmingham on an airplane and landed in an unknown place to work on a huge project for the next 7 weeks. I got home last Saturday and all I can say is, I'M BACK! Seriously, I can't give you any details! The big reveal will happen sometime in June and you are going to DIE! It was an incredible experience and I can't wait to share the good, the bad and the ugly. There were a lot of all three!

While I was gone, I had two lovely assistants keeping up my Instagram and Facebook accounts. They created a seamless exit and entry for me. You didn't even realize I was gone, did ya? Laura and Amy made sure that the world was still aware of Lucy's Lockets jewelry line and Lucy's Inspired house building, family loving, and good times. I can't thank them enough. It's amazing what you think you have to have complete control of and then walk away and drop everything into someone else's lap. They surprise you with their skills and you surprise yourself that, hey, someone else can love what you do and take care of your baby! 

I'm back and trying to recuperate. There was a lot of hard labor and mind blowing thinking on the fly. I did come home to MoonglowLake almost finished! It's been such a blessing to create this house with all the things I love. A friend came by yesterday and said it looked just like me. Funny how a house can look like a person. I'm so glad. I want it to have all the personal touches from the old things that I've saved to new things that are made to look old.


I love all the light that is coming into this house. We have one huge living/dining/kitchen area and I love the fact that we will always be in one place. I can't wait to share the entire house with you. 

Moonglow Lake Door


Lucy's Lockets continued to grow while I was gone. We are in a new store in Tuscaloosa called, Gypsy Spur and soon to be in Wrapsody in Hoover and Auburn! We've been working with Southern Living, yes the giant, amazing magazine you've been looking through your entire life! You will see the jewelry on the pages of Southern Living in July.  I've been so blessed with support from family and friends. I know that plans have been laid out and I'm here to execute. I thank God for everything that has been delivered in my favor. We try to make things happen on our timeline and when they don't, we worry. God's timing is all that we need. 

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