November 29, 2015 | Sundays and Day Dreams

I do love Sundays. This was a lazy one, too! The weather here in the south is ridiculously warm! It was in the 70's today. That is unusually warm! I went out in the woods after breakfast and we moved a ladder stand, chopped down some brush and checked all the cameras on the properties. It's fun to watch them do their thing. I did just that…I watched. This tree was in the middle of one of the green fields and it was so majestic standing there. It was begging to have it's picture made! There were handmade ladder rungs half way up and it made me wonder if there had once been a tree house up there. It would be a beautiful spot for a house, but it was pretty deep in those woods with little muddy trails leading to the field. 

I moved the buggy around once, but for the most part, I day dreamed all morning about what my goals are for 2016. I love to plan and I love to dream. I have been trying to think of my one little word. It's something I like to use at the beginning of the year to determine what goals I want for my family and myself and now, this business that's continuously growing. I'm still pondering several, but in the meantime, i have a list a mile long for tomorrow and this upcoming week. At some point I HAVE TO get out my Christmas decorations! Tree is going up on Tuesday. It's time to holiday up this house!

This prism necklace has been my go to lately. We have been selling the heck out of them and I know it's because it's truly the wear with anything necklace. This one is the large. I probably sell 5:1 small to large, but the large is my favorite. I wear it on days that I don't want to think about what I'm wearing. If you've seen me in the last few months, you've seen this star sweatshirt. I LOVE IT!!! I can't tell you how much. I wear it a lot, so if you haven't seen me…'ll recognize this shirt the next time ya do! 

I started the cyber monday sale early tonight. Get that 20% off until midnight tomorrow! I promise to add more to the website all day tomorrow. There's slim pickens there right now and what's a sale if there's nothing to buy! So, check back and I hope you find one with your name on it! 

Lucy's Visit to Scott's Antique Market

Where are you on the 2nd weekend of each month? If you are within driving distance, you should be at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta! I usually make it from Birmingham 4 or 5 times a year. I recruited a friend to go with me over the weekend and we found a few treasures! 

Lucysinspired: Lucy and Ashlee

We did stop in at the Atlanta America's Mart on Thursday to hit a couple of my favorite jewelry suppliers and see a few friends that I don't get to see often. Lucky for us, the Haven Blogging Conference was the same weekend and we decided to stay at that hotel so we could play with those friends, too! It was a full trifecta!!

Most of the showrooms from the Mart won't let you take photos, so there's nothing to show from there. I know. Sad face. I will take a few pics of what I bought to tease you with what I will be creating Lucy's Lockets with in the next few weeks and do a little post! 

We made our way to Scott's early Friday morning and found lots of fun things that all of us junkers love so much!! 

Lucysinspired: Crates from Scott's Antique Market

Crates are very popular and have been for the past few years. We've been using them for many reasons! I love to find them with bright advertising, but these two have special meaning and that gives me a MUCH BETTER reason to buy them! Starr happens to be Ashlee Moore's middle name and my husband's initials are RC! Rock on! These two were mine after haggling with Brian in one of the outdoor booths. He had many crates and I'm a little disappointed that I didn't buy more! ugh. 

Lucysinspired: Ashlee playing croquet

We got stuck inside the "outside" building because of rain. Downpours of rain!! It's not a very big building and I had scoured every bucket for chain and vintage hardware. There was nothing else to buy! We were getting a little goofy, but how cute does Ashlee look ready to play croquet!!

Lucysinspired: Vintage Advertising

Vintage advertising signs are everywhere in the outdoor lot at Scott's. I loved the colors on this one and those prices! You will see replicas in lots of booths, but there are plenty of originals and sometimes, just sometimes, you will get a good deal on one!

Lucysinspired: Vintage Screen Door

Is this the back door? I'm with the Hippies! 

Lucysinspired: Haul from Scott's Antique Market

This is how we do it. This is how we do it. It's Friday night….oh wait. Always a song lyric in my head. This is how Joel and I do it. I give him a huge pile of goodies and he separates them into smaller piles by price. Then, we add it all up, take out one or two and throw in a few more, he gives me a price, I tell him how much I'll pay and we meet in the middle. I was born to do this y'all. I LOVE to negotiate!!

So, next time you want to go to Atlanta for the weekend, make sure it's the second weekend! You want to spend a day roaming inside and out. Did I mention there are two different buildings? One on each side of I-285. It's really hard for me to make both buildings. I always go to the one with the most outdoor booths. They seem to have better prices, but if it rains, they all cover up their tables with tarps and don't always come back in time for shopping! I found an RC crate under a table that said, " Me and my RC." Hello. that would have been stacked right on top of those other two finds!! 

If you are dying that you missed this one and there is a whole 'nother month before the next one…..There is another antique market on the third weekend of each month, the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. I've never been, but can't wait to get there soon!