January 7, 2016 | Creative Flow and Good Grit Awaken Party

I made things today. It felt so good to accomplish something! We are heading to the Gift Market next Wednesday at the America's Mart and I'm terrified!! It's just the unknown, ya know? How do you prepare for something you've never done before? We are only showing Lucy's Inspired Prisms. I feel like this is such a great wear-with-everything-necklace so, maybe everyone should have one! We sold so many this Fall and Holiday season, I couldn't believe it! Thanks to all of you who bought one for yourself, friends, significant others and all the stores that couldn't keep them in stock!

We are working on 3 lines for the prisms. We will have our normal leather and chain and we are introducing a few new colors. I can't wait to see what you think! We will also have a BirthDay Girl line. This is going to be our favorite clear prism with your birthstone, a friends birthstone or a new mama's baby's birthstone!! We are so excited about how these will become personal for the wearer! The last part of this exciting adventure is the Inspire to Give Prism. This is something that we dreamt up a few weeks ago and every time we mention it we get more and more excited about it! I designed a tiny prism necklace with a specific key on leather that will come packaged in twos. Yes, you heard that right! You get two prisms in one package! The overwhelming response to clients sharing their prisms with all of their friends for Christmas and literally off their necks just goes to show you how delightful it is to share something that you love with a friend!! We have big plans for this concept and hope you'll let us know what you think! 

Just to get the word out at market, we will be giving away a prism with purchase and you will also get a "key card". This is a key attached to our regular business cards with our booth number on them. If you see someone with a prism on, that means they've purchased prisms for their store and most likely, unless they've given them all away, will have a card to give you to bring back to us showing that you saw the prism on someone else. This gives the giver free freight! When you make your purchase, you will be added into that program and you can give out a card to someone and when they come back to our booth, YOU will get free freight!! Doesn't that sound fun! I hope to see prisms all over the Mart. Except, I'll be in my booth and won't be wandering around! So, if you see them, send me a pic and I'll post it on social media so everyone will know prisms are taking over the world! hehe. 

In other celebrity status news, I took Daphney, aka Laphney, to the Good Grit Magazine Party tonight to celebrate the launch of the Awaken issue. We had the best time! We got to hang out with so many friends new and old! I got to get to know Rebecca Ryan a little better. She is in the Evolution of a Southern Belle with me. I was so intimidated by her talent in front of the camera!! I'm just not that girl that knows how to hold my hands and chin up and shoulders down. I get told to relax and breathe and laugh! I look so uptight! I know this and tell them upfront, so James, the photographer had me laughing the whole time and the picture they got? I LOVE it! I'm laughing and it's bigger than life! Meet Rebecca! Isn't she gorgeous? She has a beautiful heart, too.