January 6, 2016 | Another Day of Market Planning

This feels redundant.  I feel like I do the same things everyday. I make lists and only check off portions of them. I have a lot to do before next week and I'm waiting on this or that to finish anything!

I did go to TMB skin clinic this morning and get to chat with Amber while she gave me a moisturizing peel. I do this every month, y'all. I want to take care of my skin. It's the money maker, ya know? Haha, just kidding, but it is the first thing people see. I want it to look nice and not crusty. Right now with all of this cold air and the heat on high, my skin is so dry you can almost hear it crack! That is not good for wrinkles. Wrinkles love dry skin. So, Amber coated me down with some kind of moisturizing peel and now my face feels all nice and shiny. It's my guilty pleasure. I've been going to the clinic for so many years, I've lost count and they pluck my eyebrows and derma plane my face and we catch up on what's happening in the world. I've had many a business conversation in that chair!!

I spoke with my graphic designer about my booth design and graphics I need for market, bought some fabric, went over book keeping with Jeanine, pulled together the pieces to create an amazing tray for our table at market, changed booth designs, designed a lamp made out of a chandelier, found someone to put it together next Tuesday, (I leave Wednesday), went through all the things that I am waiting on to get here before I can do anything and had dinner with my family. It was a productive and circle spinning day. 

I'm moving forward. I'm both terrified and amazed and decided I would post it on instagram. So, here it is again. Life is short. I'm living it.