January 5, 2016 | Vacation Dreams, Building a Booth and Magazine Kitchens!

When I get overwhelmed, I want to quit. Just runaway and leave it all behind. Of course, i would never do that. I'm an A-type personality and I am determined to finish. I do give myself breaks and know the limits. 

I found a picture from our Exumas vacation last summer and I was craving that beach and no internet access so bad! I posted a picture on Instagram asking for someone to kidnap me. I had several that wanted to go with, but no one showed up to take me away today! I think I convinced at least two families to take a vacation there. I need some referral fees! (wink)

I joined Pure Barre a few weeks ago. I HAVE to work out. I have to. I feel so bad when I don't and my shoulders and hips hurt. Gah, I hate saying that out loud. It sounds so old! So, I'm going to get back in my swing of working out. I love to go first thing in the morning, but since I take my kids to school everyday, I have to go after I drop them off. Pure Barre has an 8:15 and that's perfect for me! I need to get my work day started ASAP, so being home by 9:30 gives me time to take a breath before the locketeers come in for the day! They usually come in around 10:00 and we work on whatever needs to be done. This week it's building a booth! We have painting and drilling and velvet covering to do! We got all the door slabs painted today and will work on the panels to display jewelry tomorrow. The list seems to be getting longer…not shorter! help

I need to get some posts lined up because when I'm busy building a booth, there's no time to take pretty pictures of houses and jewelry. Booths before they are finished aren't very pretty! I was scrolling through old pictures and saw a pic from Beach Flip and it took me straight back to a year ago when I was freaking out because I was leaving my family for 6 weeks and my business! I hired Laura and Amy and they were going to be in charge! They did such a great job while I was gone. I just remember thinking how do I get it all out of my head and into theirs???? So funny how we worry about things and they all just work out. 

I decided it would be fun to post our magazine worthy kitchen from Beach Flip on HGTV. I will never forget how Josh Temple said we definitely had a wow factor and our kitchen was magazine worthy. Somehow we didn't win. I'll never understand. EVER! I didn't realize the comments I would get on Instagram by posting that room! So many told me how much they loved it and it was their favorite, but the best was the new owners! Casey commented and told me they spent the holidays there and had so much fun around that kitchen island playing games, eating and enjoying each other! THAT makes me feel like a winner. I'm so glad they love it and love the time and effort we put into Southwind. We left a part of ourselves there. I'll never forget the experience!