January 4, 2016 |

I overbooked myself this morning and my 8:30 cancelled! I was so relieved. It's not a smart move to overbook on a Monday. The first Monday of the year. The first Monday after being off for over a week!!

I got to sit down with a client and talk about her beach house!! We are going down at the end of the month to "assess". I can't wait! It's in good shape, just needs a little tweaking here and there. She watched Beach Flip on HGTV and wants me and Daphney to come and work our magic! haha. I think we may even film it and have a few "episodes" air somewhere on these internets! I'll keep you posted. It may just show up here on this blog and go viral….you never know! 

The kids will start back to school tomorrow and Emma and I got to bond, you know, since she doesn't have a car anymore. She needed to be chauffeured around a few places. We had some good talks. She also did a little time in the workshop this afternoon! She's trying to find a job and she went by Chicken Cowboy yesterday and decided maybe working for Mom isn't that bad! haha! We'll see how long she lasts and how productive she is. I think it's just as hard for her to work for me. I get extra mad when she's checking her phone or when she can't find something. Like I hold her to a higher standard than her friends or someone new. I hope to be more encouraging and at the same time teach her about working. Since I'm taking my work to Market next week, I need a lot of help! She should make some good money and maybe when I get back with all of the orders, (gasp) she can help fulfill them! Oh my, I'm so nervous about the unknown. I know it's all a learning curve, but I want it to be perfect. Here goes nothing!

We have a couple of programs we are working on for marketing next week. I've been digging in my key bins trying to find the perfect ones for a little project and I found this little collection. Aren't they gorgeous? It's amazing to me the different designs I've seen on keys in the last few years. I seriously never knew there could be so many. Here's to a productive Monday.