January 3, 2016 | Booth Design

We started working on booth design at 9:30 this morning. It was early and cold. I needed to be inspired. I was not into it. We found a gorgeous navy velvet yesterday and a wallpaper we need to order, but the actual logistics of putting it all together was giving us a hard time. We had a couple of ideas, but couldn't perfect them and we headed to the Home Depot. 

We were in the lumber section and needed a few pieces cut. That's when a home improvement store genius asked us what we were building. We told him a booth for a show and he guessed jewelry. Still not sure what gave him the clue, but like I said, he was a genius. Seriously, though, he took our idea and walked us around the store showing us exactly what we needed. A miracle on Sunday. 

It completely changed my outlook! I needed a 1x3 cut down the center on an angle and I knew papa could help me get that done quickly. I headed to the barn and he fixed me right up!  

I've got my LONG list made for this first full week of the year and I can't wait to tackle it first thing tomorrow morning. I got all the Christmas decor put away along with organizing my Christmas closet.... that place was a disaster from moving in back in May. The movers just dumped the storage unit in there. It was a huge mess!  It feels so good to have an organized area and a clean slate! I'm ready to hit the ground running in the morning. 


My good friend, Laura, who is the publisher of Good Grit magazine asked if I would like to be in the January/February issue, Awaken. I had no idea Justin Timberlake was going to be in this issue. I sent my girlfriends this image the other day when I found it. Southern Charm and a Southern Belle, a match made in southern heaven! Pick up a copy of you see it! It's such an amazing magazine! I think you'll love it!