January 28, 2016 | Cuff Workshops and Home and Garden Show

We are in the middle of organizing the workshop and all the orders we wrote at the Gift Market! It's a whirlwind and so exciting! I can't wait to get all of the prisms out to so many stores! There's pictures being made and the website is going to get a huge overhaul. I can't wait to share more! 

I had a fun cuff workshop at Oh My Sole in Helena tonight. There were 15 ladies there and everyone got to go home with a one of a kind cuff that they designed!! I think everyone was thrilled with their finished piece. I was so glad Lori took pictures!  

How cute are the water bottles with my logo? Adorable. Love those little details.  

Did y'all know I'll be speaking at the Home and Garden show next month? February 19, 20 and 21st at 4:00 each day! I'll also have a booth with old doors I've turned into new, creative uses! I hope you'll come fill the chairs while I'm speaking and ask tons of questions!!! Anyone want to get on stage with me?!?