Featured Designer on Terry's Fabrics Website

Y'all, I was asked to do an interview on Terrysfabrics.com and show some of my work plus some things that inspire me!! I was so happy that they chose me and would love for you to read along. They have lots of designers featured on the website and it's full of super cool inspiration! Check it out, but first….here's mine!!

Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics UK

you might look at the pictures of my inspiration and say, duh, of course those are inspiring! I would love to tell you a little about why I love them and how I would use them…..RIGHT NOW!

1. Architectural Hardware - ummmm, no explanation needed. Now, I wouldn't make a necklace out of this, but I love using antique hardware in my home, too! Texture is always key and this particular door knob is considered Victorian. Beautiful patterns created from 1827-1901 and even more beautiful with age! 

2. Moroccan textiles. I'm obsessed with color and texture. I love to live in a muted home, but when I see these textiles, it makes me want to throw pattern and color all over the house! Luckily, Emma is all about Boho Chic and I've been buying pillows, caftans, and tapestries like it's my job!

3. Anything cane or bamboo will come home with me if I see it at a good price. I pretty much have a collection of bamboo chairs at Moonglow Lake and I'm not ashamed. As a matter of fact, I have this very chair from Gabby….ok, maybe I have two of them! 

4. Another way I incorporate color is through dinner ware. I have lots of fun colorful bowls and am in need of fun colorful plates. I guess that means I'm on the hunt! Don't you love the backdrop for this photo? So earthy and texturelicious. It just makes those dishes jump of the page!

5. Last, but far from least. Tile. I have a problem. I LOVE tile!! I want to live in a village by the sea and have different tile in every room. This tile is so masculine and good looking! It's like the Channing Tatum of tile! hello!