5 Reasons Why I Love Martha and Alex's Designs on Beach Flip

Just finished watching the season finale of Beach Flip? Whew! What a ride. That was absolutely the coolest thing I've ever done. Filming for 6.5 weeks and then watching HGTV every Sunday night!! Who could've ever imagined? I'm so glad the winner has been announced. Do you know how hard it was to keep that a secret? HARD!!

Martha Montross and Alex Borre are the winners of $50,000. I am so proud and happy for these two. Did you know they got engaged a few weeks ago? Such an adorable couple. They've known each other almost their entire lives! I want to tell you a few reasons why I love them and I know you will love them, too. (like you don't already!)

1. Design Style - All American. These two had a plan from the beginning. They would do red, white and blue, but did you notice how Martha does an amazing job with furniture placement? That girl brought in so much furniture and seating in the living room!! The pillows and small accessories she chose pulled the room together and I wanted to curl up and hang out forever! Every room she pulled pieces in that gave it character and comfort. 

2. Martha's Mom - Her name is Andrea, but we called her Momma Montross! I love how Martha incorporated her mom's touch at Comfort Breeze. She was inspired by her Mom's style from using red, white, blue and the American Flag throughout their beach house to the snacks in the kitchen! #thankyouforthepretzels 


3. Mr. Do it All - Let's talk about Alex. I literally told him 1,000 times that he reminded me of my son, John Connor. He's 13. I love that guy because he acts like a 13 year old. I missed JC ;) Seriously, he has a huge heart and I know how much he loves Martha. I can see it in his face. He is one heck of a carpenter, electrician, tiler, do what ever you need. He would answer questions Daphney and I had and was always so helpful. Did you see the shiplap wall they added in the kitchen and then in the living room? It was so on point. I loved the way it added just enough texture to the walls and still kept the room light and airy. 

4. Guest Bathroom - One of the smartest decisions they made on Beach Flip was to create the en-suite for the guest bedroom. In my opinion, it opened up that bathroom and made it feel so much bigger than before! 

5. Martha's Heart - This girl and I connected from the beginning. I don't really know what drew us to each other, but we had many heart to heart conversations. She put that heart into each and every room of Comfort Breeze. We literally fell asleep talking the last night at Morning Call and Alex came in and carried her out. We made true friendships filming this show. I can't wait to have our reunion. Hopefully, at our award winning beach houses in Gulf Shores, Alabama!


Congratulations Martha and Alex! I'm calling 2015 the year of Malex. It's a good one for the books and I can't wait to see what the two of you do in the future! Let's plan a wedding! Cheers!

HGTV.com has a ton of pictures and more behind the scenes to see! check it all out and thanks to all of you for the support and watching! Let's go create a new chapter!