DIY Statement Necklace

Around here we love our jewelry. I love to find new ways to create a statement piece. Our Smoking Glue Guns craft night recently created our own statement necklaces using felt and beads. Now this is not your typical easy peasy craft. This one takes patience and time. Of course, you can make yours as easy or as complicated as you want, but we like to show off!


We invited Wendy Garner to come by and craft with us. She brought the camera crew and we hammed it up for TV! I am wearing a necklace made from rosettes, which are the back plate for door knobs (of course). I stitched them on in a pattern and then added clear and green beads to fill in the empty spots. Since I used the big rosettes, mine didn't take as long. Ashlee decided to do a monochrome bead necklace. She chose several colors of gold, yellow and orange. 


These necklaces varied in creativity level. We glued some of these beads on. Talk about easy! You just have to cut the shape you want out of felt, attach ribbon or chain and start glueing. Just make sure you don't get glue on the top of your beads…that's not easy to remove. I love the diversity of the statement necklaces. Our group is full of beginners to advanced crafters. Everyone created something that they were proud of and learned something new!