DIY Gift Wrap

Hanging out with the Smoking Glue Guns is always fun. We pull together a fun craft and the girls come over to eat dinner, drink a little wine and go home with something hand crafted. 

We invited Wendy Garner over to join us and she brought a camera crew…that girl! She wanted to do a segment on our local tv station about girls craft nights. We were thrilled she wanted to show off some of our crafts! We decided to do something everyone can do and something that everyone needs! We all have birthday gifts to give and everyone knows presentation is the most important part! 

We decided Kraft paper would be our base. You can get basic kraft paper at the dollar store in the gift wrap section or you can go to the hardware store and pick up an industrial size roll to keep in your studio for all kinds of uses. We actually used the gift wrap because it's a little thinner and easier to work with on small boxes. 


Kraft paper is essentially a blank canvas. You can bring out any craft supplies you already own. Lets talk about paint, ink, stamps, glue, yarn, thread, ric rac, chalk, construction paper and any ribbon you might have. The possibilities are endless!


I showed Wendy how to use clear stamps. We use these for everything around our house. I use them on business cards, gift wrap, tags for jewelry and tags for gifts! I stamp on reclaimed wood and just about any surface I can find that needs a little punch! 


It's so easy. First you need to find a clear stamp with something you love. I love clear stamps for words. You can usually find an alphabet and spell anything you want! A very essential tool in stamping with clear stamps is the clear block. You are going to use the clear block to spell your word BACKWARDS. You want to place your letters on backwards and then turn the block over so that you can see your word and how it will be stamped onto your project. Once you do this one time, I swear you will want to stamp everything you know! Take your clear block with your word and stamp it into ink. I use Stazon, but recommend any permanent ink. (find in your local craft store). Ink comes in many colors. You can even use the black to outline something and then color in as desired. On one of the gifts above you will see flowers. The stamp was the out line of the flowers and we colored in with blue and green. 

Go buy yourself a roll of kraft paper and pull out whatever supplies you have. I want to see your projects! 

FYI:This segment was featured on NBC13 in May 2013. The Smoking Glue Guns website is no longer available. Check back here for more projects in the future!