December 5, 2015 | The Christmas Tree

I took Connor to Leiper's Fork today and he loves it as much as I do! We bought a couple of Christmas gifts and then ran into the man himself, Santa!! We gave him our lists and we hope we have been good this year!!

Got home in time for Connor to go watch the SEC Championship game with friends and for me to start decorating this house already!! I couldn't stand it and grabbed another Christmas tree from the lot down the road. I just couldn't do the forest. I needed a bigger tree!! 

I talked a couple of elves into coming over and we started tackling this place room by room. We moved the smaller real tree to the front porch, the upside down tree went to the landing going upstairs and the three smaller trees are now by the staircase in front of the piano on the wall!!

I have a ton of ornaments. I started collecting way before I was married and bought a new one, or two, year after year. Lots of memories in those Radko ornaments. I would buy on vacation or when my kids were doing certain activities. I loved to have a memory and loved to remember why I bought each one as I pulled them out of their individual boxes. That's my favorite part of decorating!! While Daphney and Natalie were working on other trees, I worked on the big one. It's my speciality! I had a bit of a disaster tonight, though. It fell. We were working on fluff at this point, we'd gotten so much done and were just bragging about how good everything looked. That tree was amazing!!! No one was near it and all we heard was the crash. It was like a chandelier had fallen from the ceiling. Glass everywhere!!! I was scared to death to lift it up. Daphney has been through this and told me I would be surprised at how many survive. 

We got it back up and she was right, but wow, the damage was horrible!! This cute little dog ornament we bought when we got Jazzy was sitting in the middle of it all. Just sitting there with no hanger. I don't know how he survived. There were many survivors, though. Some have lost limbs or bells or feet…..we saved some of those and strategically placed them in the tree. Don't look for them. Don't go near the tree! Ha, ha, we can laugh now, but it was an emotional roller coaster there for a little while. We got the tree back up, cleaned up the mess and tied the tree to the door with fishing line!! Put the ornaments on that survived or partially and she looks decent. Actually, it's beautiful. I'm not sad about the ornaments, just those memories. I know I don't need ornaments to remember, but I spent a long time collecting and it's just hard to let them go. 

The whole house is decorated. I'm so thankful and can check that off my list. I will take a lot of pictures and do a home tour so you can see how it turned out!! 

John Connor had his Winter Gala last night and is an SGA representative, so he got to be in the lead out and get introduced. This is his friend Emma Grace. Aren't they so cute?

I'm so proud of he and his friends. They are a big group of good kids and all seem to take care of each other. They went to IHOP after the gala and I heard that John Connor did a toast for the table! So much personality in that kid. So proud of him!

I hope you had a great Saturday! I did and learned a few lessons along the way.