December 3, 2015 | Gingerbread Houses

Look what came today! A gingerbread house from Maddox and Jeanine! Is it not the cutest? I love how they put our name on the house and a giant, cursive L!!! My favorite letter! It literally made my day! The tiny, cute tree got put in the den. This is going to be the spot, I guess. Gotta work some magic! 

The last few days have been so long and full and busy!! I'm worn out tonight. I needed to go see my friend, Genelle. She's moving and some friends were having a going away party for her tonight. I feel bad that I didn't stop by for at least a second. 

I was in Christmas decorating drama. After being a April and JR's house last night, I want a bigger tree!!! I'm going to whine about it more. Sorry. I went back up to the attic and dug around and pulled out some small trees I have. I sat them beside the tiny, cute tree and they actually added a little flair. I also have an upside down tree. I know….weird. But, it's really cool when it's decorated. I love it. I haven't used it in a couple of years. I pulled it down and yanked all the lights off of those trees that didn't work. Wow, that is a job. That's the worst part about decorating trees. The lights. I mean, they MAKE the tree, right? But, putting them on or taking them off? NO Fun!! So, I have trees up. I have lights on the real one and one tiny one. there are 5 trees total. It may end up looking like a forest or Macy's. We'll see! Right now it's a blurry mess, which is exactly how I feel! So g'night!