December 1, 2015 | December!

It's here. There's no more anticipation of the end of the year and the holidays. They are upon us! I love this time of year. I seem to be busier than ever right now, but I know it's worth it! 

I had elves come today and we got a lot done! Lots of prisms and cuffs made. You'll see new cuffs on the website by Friday! I hope…..I worked on an exclusive black prism necklace for TMB Skin Clinic. I work with them on a few marketing things and they have an annual holiday party each year for their patients. It was fun to create something special for them. I literally made them after I got to the party and was in such a hurry, I didn't even get a picture of them!! I'm so sad! We added a bit of color and I love the way they turned out! 

Today was Maggie's 16th birthday. I took this pic of her at Emma's party and it turned out so cute. I'm so proud of those two. It's amazing to watch their friendship. I swear they have a bond like I've never seen between two people. It's almost like they are twins. Deeper than just a friendship and so much more loving than a sister! They are exactly one month a part and Daphney and I were together pretty much every single day the first 3 years of their lives!