December 26, 2015 | Tennessee Christmas

Got on the highway to head northeast today to my momma's. We don't have a set time to celebrate with her. It always depends on what day Christmas falls on. Oh lord y'all. She just said she got her a yetsie cup from the co-op. She's hilarious. Earlier today Carson, my nephew, said something. No one even knows what. She started laughing so hard and then we were all staring at her waiting on her to tell us what was so funny. She. Couldn't. Stop. She could barely get a good breath!!! The kids thought she was crazy! 

It's  always fun to come to Loudon, Tennessee. It's small town and my mom could totally be the mayor. She knows everyone and they all know her! we'll be here for a couple of days, so I'll take some pics and share on Instagram! 

I found this cute pic of me and my brother Charlie from our parents work party. I think the Santa was blinking, but he may have had a toddy or two. They used to spike the punch. I know because they screamed at me when I poured myself a cup!! Check out that monogram on my brother. He has such a cute smile. Now he's 6'4". A little more intimidating. 



I shared this picture Emma made me tonight. She has such beautiful handwriting and I have been encouraging her to use her talent. She has several notecards made in her room hanging over her desk. They are gorgeous. She's just intimidated to do it for other people. We are going to work on a few things to get her work out there. Stay tuned and we'll let you know where to find it!