December 17, 2015 | Lucy's Inspired at West Elm


Seriously a fun, fun day!! I set up a pop up shop at West Elm today with all of the Lucy's Inspired Jewelry I have left one week before Christmas!!  

So many people came out to see me and it was awesome, y'all! I love to see people that want to buy something I've made. How incredible that they think enough of me and my designs to spend money and for their loved ones! It's so crazy to me. I just feel like the same little girl from Meridianville, Alabama that got special permission to work at 15 at Castner Knott helping the fashion coordinator. I did whatever needed to be done. Handout freebies or organize fashion shows or sign people up for credit cards. All I cared about was the discount so that I could buy Esprit sweaters to wear to homecoming! 

Sometimes it doesn't feel real or like it's just something anyone can do. I believe anyone can do what I do. I just think I practice that part of my brain a little more! It's very humbling to meet new people that love my jewelry or old friends that have several pieces. I appreciate it more than anyone will ever know.  

I have several more deliveries in the next few days. We are down to the wire. I need to start shopping soon!!  



Thanks, y'all. Thanks for your support. It truly means the world.