December 12, 2015 | Saturday Morning Friends and Family

The beautiful thing about teenage friendships is that they bring chick fil a on Saturday mornings after you've totaled your car. More than one. We got chick fil a from Bryson and Madison, neither can drive yet, so their parents took them and then brought it by. I'm just sitting here in tears thinking about how thankful I am that everyone is ok and that they all want to cheer up my girl. She's so heartbroken about her car and the fact that she could've hurt someone. She's claiming she'll never drive again. We all know that's not true and we all know that right now it's the worst thing that has ever happened, but there will be more and maybe worse things. All I'm doing right now is praying nothing worse will ever happen to her. 

I hear giggles and all is well with the world. 

I joined a group of friends in doing #14acts for the 14 victims of San Bernardino, California. We start today being that there are 12 days left of Christmas. I joined this group because I love doing things like this. My world is on overdrive and I'm a little concerned that I won't be able to do 14 different things to honor those victims. It makes me feel like a small person. How can I possibly not make time for this. I had a grand idea. Maybe I could give away 14 prisms to honor those victims. Usually when I do a giveaway it's to gain more followers, find more customers, do things for my business. Again, this is not what this is about. So, I was driving down the road and it hit me. I want you to nominate who I should give this prism to. Tell me the good citizens of your world, who is kind and good in the everyday and who does more for others than themselves? You tell me on my social media pages and we can all celebrate them and give them the attention that they so deserve. I know this will be hard…to actually choose only 14 winners. I know everyone deserves one. Let's find ways to celebrate those who are givers everyday. It's amazing to be a part of groups like this. Do you find ways to pass it forward? Be the good. 

We got to do family Christmas at Momba and Papa's house tonight. There are so many at this celebration and it's a place that can be intimidating and welcoming all at the same time. There are well over 50 people there, Momba and Papa, their children, their grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. Seriously, it's overwhelming and wonderful! I hope you have family and if you do not….you can plan to come to Momba and Papa's next year. I promise. You will be in the family photo and you will get a gift. It's how it works there. Those two are bigger than this earth. They have lived amazing lives and created a family based on love, giving and Jesus. We were all given stuffed animals that said Jesus loves you (greatgrands), and books about Jesus for the grands. So many things can be learned by being a part of this day. I'm thankful to be a tiny part of it all. 

Tony had a drone there and he did a little video. It's pretty amazing! Enjoy! xo