November 27, 2015 | Travel Day

We were on the road all. day. long today. It was brutal. We went from Loudon, Tennessee to Gastonburg, Alabama. That's where the camp house is. The population is like 21 or maybe 22 now. Clayton had a baby! 

I did a lot of reading and instagram stalking. Free Shipping on the website this week and we've had several orders! I love getting that email! New order has arrived…….. We will be shipping out orders asap on Monday! 

I read a couple of quotes that I loved on the road. One is Courage is Contagious. That is so true! This year I have had a lot of courageous moments and it just keeps me wanting more! I love doing things I've never done before. Some I'm good at….some, not so much!

The other was an e.e cummings quote: Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.  

I've always had a hard time believing in myself. I have a bad habit of wanting to be the best. I don't really like to practice, I want to know that I'll be good before I even try. I took a lot of risks this year and proved that coming in second isn't that bad! Man, have I learned a lot this year!