November 25, 2015 | Jazzy

Meet Jazzy. She is a miniature labradoodle! Santa brought her to us in 2007 for Christmas. He had to drop her off early and brought her while we were at the grocery store about a week before Christmas! It was so exciting!! Everyone says she's the best dog and I have to agree! ;)

We usually leave her at home when we go out of town and right now she's at our neighbor's, the Sproull's hanging out with Sport. She can't stand being alone. Just like the rest of us! She's been visiting neighbors since we moved in and made lots of friends! Spence and Phil will let her hang out in their backyard to play with Harley and send her home at bedtime. 

We stopped in Chattanooga, Tn today for lunch on the way to Mimi's at Public House. I had almost the same food as last night at Friendsgiving! Brussel sprouts, mac n cheese and a little salad. It was yummy! JC had pimento cheese and fried pickles. I may not be hungry again for a long time! #woo

Can't forget to remind you of the Free Shipping this week! Use the code: Thankful. Not that it's not plastered across the top of the screen, but you know….just in case you missed that! Fun Fact: we put a key on every cuff and necklace that we make. It's such a fun addition to each piece and everyone is drawn to different kinds. It's what makes them unique! My little trademark!