November 22, 2015 | Rest

What a fun day to rest! It's freezing outside and I found several movies to watch all day! I needed to be making jewelry, but sometimes it just works out to do nothing. 

We did make it to church before Connor and John Connor made their way to the camp house. I was so excited when I tried on my new dress with the necklace I brought home from Perfectly Imperfect. There were two necklaces left from their last order and this one, this one was a favorite! I don't find a lot of color in vintage hardware. Most pieces are neutral. Everyone once in awhile, we find pink or red or green, probably more shades of blue than anything. This is a big, pink round circle. It's simply hanging from chain and has a couple of keys and a prism hanging from it. I put it on immediately and never took it off! I left a TON of jewelry there and decided to trade this one with them. When I got home i had a package from Anthropologie with a sweater dress I ordered last week. It matches perfectly and looks like it was made for the dress! score.

I've been trying to determine the original provenance of this piece. It's larger than the door knob escutcheons I'm used to seeing. It's around 4" instead of 2 or 2.5" and there are no holes. It may be a radiator escutcheon that would cover the pipe for the floor or for some sort of plumbing. Here's the back of it. 

I would love any clues or guesses! 

Sitting around watching movies in the cold means drinking yummy Loving Cup Cocoa and Kettle Bros. gourmet white chocolate peppermint kettle corn, yes you read that right. It's AH-MAZING!!!! I picked it up at the Market Noel yesterday along with this towel by the talented Becky Denny! So many fun designs. Follow Digs Design and Bamawise on Instagram for all the good food and cute towels! 

Looking forward to coffee and hitting the ground running tomorrow. Lots of emails to return and orders to fill and necklaces to make!!