November 21, 2015 | Saturday

When you own your own business it feels like you never get time off. It's Saturday and I am ready for a day off! You know that it's the holiday season and when you sell jewelry, it's not very smart to take days off! I had a trunk show at the Junior League of Birmingham's Market Noel today from 10-1pm. I got to hang out with my best buddy, Becky Denny of Digs Design and Bamawise. Bamawise had a booth all weekend. If you aren't sure what Bamawise is, you should check out their brand new website! It's a company that distributes all Alabama made foods. Jeff and Becky invited me to hang out in their booth for a few hours and sell some jewelry! I had a splendid time and got to see so many friends! 

This is a great market and since I hadn't been before, I was curious to see what it was all about! Market Noel really brings out the shoppers! Everyone was in the spirit of holiday shopping and tried to buy Christmas gifts! haha, tried! Usually, they bought something for themselves and maybe a gift for someone else! Like these Digs Design hand towels! Lots of cute designs! 

Tomorrow, though, tomorrow, I'm staying at home all day. I'm going to watch a movie or two, work on my website and maybe make a little jewelry. I kinda need a lot of jewelry. I'm down to minimal pieces! Look for a sale coming up for the holidays. I'll get that planned out tomorrow, too! Hope you had a wonderful saturday, too!