November 17, 2015 | Pop Up Everywhere

Sometimes it feels like I'm spinning wheels. Not in a bad way, just not getting ahead! I think we've made 1,000 prism necklaces in the past couple of months and I still don't have enough! I know, that's a good thing. Supply and demand. Yes, basic economics.  



It's good to have something everyone wants! I'm enlisting everyone I know to help make them! I'm doing 4 shows this week and in order to sell prisms, you have to have lots of them! Check my calendar tab at the top to find me in your neck of the woods!  

I have exciting news on the calendar front! A few things coming up.....Holiday Open House at the workshop, a Holiday House Market at Samford, and I'll be at West Elm at the Summit on December 17th! I'm so excited about that!! The Thursday before Christmas and the last day kids are in school before the holiday break! Insert dancing emoji girl here!

i also sent a Lucy's Inspired Necklace to a cute girl in Mississippi. Her husband called and needed something copper. I love the way it turned out. So delicate and feminine!  



And at the end of the day, I posted this picture of this quote on Instagram.  



Laura and I were going through my sugarboo cards to write thank you notes for orders and this one stood out to both of us. This is how I feel about what I do. I have a real passion for it. Honestly in all that I do, but the stories and romance behind some of the salvage pieces I find gets me. It's the abandoned part. I think we can all relate to feeling abandoned and want to give these pieces a home. A place where they can be loved.  

Found a lot of magic today. Continuing the pursuit