November 14, 2015 | Rest

I had major plans for today. I was heading to Franklin, Tennessee for the City Farmhouse Holiday Pop Up show. Emma was at the lake with Daphney and JC was going riding. He rides mtn bikes with a group of boys at least three days a week! They were going to Tannehill today, which is not close to home. His ride fell through and either I had to take him to ride or take him with me to Franklin. Both scenarios were flawed. He pulled the, why-do-you-go-out-of-town card to make me feel guilty and it worked. I found that I really wanted to stay home. 

I decided to cancel the travel plans and be a chauffeur for him and his friend and their bikes. We got up and out of the house, grabbed McDonald's for breakfast and went to Luke's to meet everyone and follow them. Guess what? They took him with them and I didn't pick him up until 9:30pm. Story of my life. You know when you have a whole day to yourself and think, wow, there are so many things I can do!!! So excited!! I. Did. Nothing. the most productive thing I did was go to the hospital and hold Giuliana. Highlight! I literally held her for an hour and a half. On the way home  I grabbed tomato soup and grilled cheese from publix, came home and made lunch and sat on the couch with natalie and football on tv. 

It was nice to do nothing. Since my planner and computer are en route, I didn't know what to do with myself. My list is long, but it will get done. 

Im sad watching all of the tragedies across the world. Connor is in the Bahamas and I need him to get home ASAP. Tomorrow.