January 28, 2016 | Cuff Workshops and Home and Garden Show

We are in the middle of organizing the workshop and all the orders we wrote at the Gift Market! It's a whirlwind and so exciting! I can't wait to get all of the prisms out to so many stores! There's pictures being made and the website is going to get a huge overhaul. I can't wait to share more! 

I had a fun cuff workshop at Oh My Sole in Helena tonight. There were 15 ladies there and everyone got to go home with a one of a kind cuff that they designed!! I think everyone was thrilled with their finished piece. I was so glad Lori took pictures!  

How cute are the water bottles with my logo? Adorable. Love those little details.  

Did y'all know I'll be speaking at the Home and Garden show next month? February 19, 20 and 21st at 4:00 each day! I'll also have a booth with old doors I've turned into new, creative uses! I hope you'll come fill the chairs while I'm speaking and ask tons of questions!!! Anyone want to get on stage with me?!?  

January 23, 2016 | Escape | Friends | Home Town

January is a month of beginnings and new, fresh starts. I love that about it. It's also unpredictable weather where in Alabama it can be in the 60's most of the time and every once in awhile we get snow. I planned to go to Nashville for the weekend because my birthday is next week. Birthdays are fun. It started snowing in Nashville last night and it snowed All. Day. Long. So, I'm sitting in my bed with my cute escape bag full of my sewing for the weekend.


I'm watching Woodlawn. This movie is incredible. Absolutely incredible. Watching it, I realized why I'm at home tonight. I needed to see this. You need to see this. It's a beautiful, Jesus centered movie. 

"If you only love those that love you back, what kind of love is that?"

I had a great day with two incredible women. Layla Palmer and Jenny Walker   They live in Pike Road and we met at Peyton's Place for lunch and shopping at Amy's Antiques after. It's so inspiring and fulfilling to be around women who stand for each other and you can feel their kindness. We all found treasures. We discovered that Layla loves a certain color of green and can spot it a mile away! Jenny just built an amazing house and they talked about it the whole time which made me NEED to see it! Lunching again soon, ladies! This picture makes me laugh out loud. The flag attacking Layla and it was so cold I was holding onto Jenny's coat for dear life! 


I found this amazing picture of the graduating Chaplain class of Harvard 1943. It's not in great shape, but it was $10. I can make it work! Layla just knew there was a specific name for pictures like this.....long, skinny and panoramic-ish. She asked on Instagram and her dedicated followers came through! A yard long portrait! I'm now on the hunt for more. 


I want to introduce you to a couple I was introduced to just over a year ago. This is Erin and Ben Napier. They are from Laurel, Mississippi, a small town they love and believe in. They are getting their debut on HGTV this Sunday. I want you to watch. I want you to see what I saw, a genuine love for what they do. It's not for tv or you and me, it's for their family and their community. They are creative spirits and it shines out of them. What you need to know is that your tv needs to be tuned in and turned on. Only live viewers are counted for ratings. Watching it recorded doesn't count. You're going to have to go to early church, people! Leave your tv on while your gone and get home ASAP! I'm telling you, you don't want to miss it! How cute are they?!? Adorable. Home Town on HGTV. 


January 20, 2016 | Back to Business

Not that I've taken days off, but being in Atlanta for market was being away from the workroom. What a whirlwind that was! Y'all. It was overwhelming in the best way!! We opened stores all over the US! From Alaska to several in California, New York, Boston, Oklahoma, LAS VEGAS!! The list is long and I can't wait to get them all over this great big world!


I'm so incredibly humbled by all the support from the retailers, friends, family and co-workers that would do what it took to help me go after my dream.  


Laura and Jeanine came to work today and we worked hard trying to get organized. My head was spinning yesterday, but having them to bounce everything in my head with made me feel a peace that we CAN do this!  

Looking forward to an escape this weekend with some girlfriends. We are hoping to go to Nashville, as long as the weather cooperates! I'm going to get started on my Alabama Chanin #buildawardrobe Maggie dress.  



January 7, 2016 | Creative Flow and Good Grit Awaken Party

I made things today. It felt so good to accomplish something! We are heading to the Gift Market next Wednesday at the America's Mart and I'm terrified!! It's just the unknown, ya know? How do you prepare for something you've never done before? We are only showing Lucy's Inspired Prisms. I feel like this is such a great wear-with-everything-necklace so, maybe everyone should have one! We sold so many this Fall and Holiday season, I couldn't believe it! Thanks to all of you who bought one for yourself, friends, significant others and all the stores that couldn't keep them in stock!

We are working on 3 lines for the prisms. We will have our normal leather and chain and we are introducing a few new colors. I can't wait to see what you think! We will also have a BirthDay Girl line. This is going to be our favorite clear prism with your birthstone, a friends birthstone or a new mama's baby's birthstone!! We are so excited about how these will become personal for the wearer! The last part of this exciting adventure is the Inspire to Give Prism. This is something that we dreamt up a few weeks ago and every time we mention it we get more and more excited about it! I designed a tiny prism necklace with a specific key on leather that will come packaged in twos. Yes, you heard that right! You get two prisms in one package! The overwhelming response to clients sharing their prisms with all of their friends for Christmas and literally off their necks just goes to show you how delightful it is to share something that you love with a friend!! We have big plans for this concept and hope you'll let us know what you think! 

Just to get the word out at market, we will be giving away a prism with purchase and you will also get a "key card". This is a key attached to our regular business cards with our booth number on them. If you see someone with a prism on, that means they've purchased prisms for their store and most likely, unless they've given them all away, will have a card to give you to bring back to us showing that you saw the prism on someone else. This gives the giver free freight! When you make your purchase, you will be added into that program and you can give out a card to someone and when they come back to our booth, YOU will get free freight!! Doesn't that sound fun! I hope to see prisms all over the Mart. Except, I'll be in my booth and won't be wandering around! So, if you see them, send me a pic and I'll post it on social media so everyone will know prisms are taking over the world! hehe. 

In other celebrity status news, I took Daphney, aka Laphney, to the Good Grit Magazine Party tonight to celebrate the launch of the Awaken issue. We had the best time! We got to hang out with so many friends new and old! I got to get to know Rebecca Ryan a little better. She is in the Evolution of a Southern Belle with me. I was so intimidated by her talent in front of the camera!! I'm just not that girl that knows how to hold my hands and chin up and shoulders down. I get told to relax and breathe and laugh! I look so uptight! I know this and tell them upfront, so James, the photographer had me laughing the whole time and the picture they got? I LOVE it! I'm laughing and it's bigger than life! Meet Rebecca! Isn't she gorgeous? She has a beautiful heart, too. 


January 6, 2016 | Another Day of Market Planning

This feels redundant.  I feel like I do the same things everyday. I make lists and only check off portions of them. I have a lot to do before next week and I'm waiting on this or that to finish anything!

I did go to TMB skin clinic this morning and get to chat with Amber while she gave me a moisturizing peel. I do this every month, y'all. I want to take care of my skin. It's the money maker, ya know? Haha, just kidding, but it is the first thing people see. I want it to look nice and not crusty. Right now with all of this cold air and the heat on high, my skin is so dry you can almost hear it crack! That is not good for wrinkles. Wrinkles love dry skin. So, Amber coated me down with some kind of moisturizing peel and now my face feels all nice and shiny. It's my guilty pleasure. I've been going to the clinic for so many years, I've lost count and they pluck my eyebrows and derma plane my face and we catch up on what's happening in the world. I've had many a business conversation in that chair!!

I spoke with my graphic designer about my booth design and graphics I need for market, bought some fabric, went over book keeping with Jeanine, pulled together the pieces to create an amazing tray for our table at market, changed booth designs, designed a lamp made out of a chandelier, found someone to put it together next Tuesday, (I leave Wednesday), went through all the things that I am waiting on to get here before I can do anything and had dinner with my family. It was a productive and circle spinning day. 

I'm moving forward. I'm both terrified and amazed and decided I would post it on instagram. So, here it is again. Life is short. I'm living it.